Awesome Prague Summer Course 2018 – Co-Main Organizer

Everything did start at the Summer Course in Prague one year ago, where I and Jan Špaleee just arrived freshly from a Summer course in Belgium and we were speaking with late evening beer on the after party: “Hey, those courses are really the super things. What about to organize one next summer, here in Prague, just you and I like the MOs?” Approximately three days old BEST Observer Jan Špaleee gave me his hand and with the hiccup, he answered to me: “Deal! :-D”A little bit naive, crazy and drunk, we accepted this challenge. But we had the balls when we wrote a motivation letter in January 2017 and we went into it officially. 

The Summer Course was held on 12th–21st of August, but some participants of course arrived a little bit earlier. Prague is indeed an Awesome city and there is nothing to be surprised that some of the participants had to come earlier. Or maybe they couldn’t wait for delicious, golden drink, that we drink litre after litre of it, also known as a Czech beer.

Topic of the course: Technology vs. Psychology. The topic was really interesting, because we had a chance to look under the lid for why machines, computers and various products are designed as they are designed. Or how emotions have impact on product design. Participants have the opportunity to learn about Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), how to design and develop interactive computing systems that should make exchange of data/information simpler between human and machine. During the course, we understood that HCI is a great thing and has a potential in future to focus on, but we must not forget that the most important thing is, and always will be, to know how to design an interaction between human themselves, making a friendship-bonding, or Human-Human Interaction. Never forget, the friendship-bonding is the strongest thing which has ever been existing, and the Summer course in Awesome Prague was a proof of it. 

The academic summer course is not only about learning something new at school, but it was also about get to know new nationalities, cultures. We met each other from more than 20 different nationalities from all over the World (Chinese from the Canada, Chinese from the Denmark and Vietnamese from the Czech Republic [It was me. H(a)i, nice to meet you!]). Between school and leisure time we filled it with the activities which had to make the course more diversify and thanks to pedals on the Vltava river and Battle of Vysehrad, they helped us to tame participants a little bit more. ^^ The peak of the day was always a social program, where we had the opportunity to get to know each other more, especially a culture, with the program such as International Evening, Czech Evening, etc. In order to keep our participants out of school and not let them freak out, we took them to the Giant Mountains (Krkonoše) for the Weekend trip and made a bonfire to barbecue couple of sausages. 

I had many chances to be on course as a participant, a crasher and I can say, being an organizer is totally different experience. It is like to be the Big Mommy, who must cook, feed, change diaper, put the kids in bed and wake them up early in the morning to not miss school. Luckily, food in the late age is not complex and only beer is enough for our kids. The reason, we were able to organize the course for 24 participants was not we had to, but we wanted to. We wanted to write in the memories and hearts of the participants forever and the sleep deficit with 3–4 hours of sleep per day for 10 days did not kill us either. We did handle it. Even with the smile on cheeks. How was it possible? It is just a small miracle, you will not understand it until you will be doing things that bring some kind of happiness for the other people. 

If you have nothing to do, ten days are suffering. If you have holiday job, something to do, ten days are better killer time. If you are on the BEST course, ten days are the smallest time unit you can ever imagine. I’m glad I went for one beer with Jan Spalee last year during Summer Course and without this beer, I am not writing those lines for you. Those ten days have passed maybe too fast, but I truly believe, you have made strong friendships among of participants and organizers for another x-ten days. The ending of the Summer Course in Awesome Prague is just the beginning of the new friendships. I would like to thank all of the participants, who have made this course interesting and crazy, all the crashers, who came to see us and enriched the course (“Lubisz to suko!”, lick and open the Soplica Orzech Laskowy), and also to all the organizers of LBG Awesome Prague that we made this course Awesome again. ^.^

Photo credit: ©Timea

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P.S. The best decision happens in pub with beer!